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No Tiny Affair

My cousin Kristen loves my miniature dinner parties so much she asked if I could help throw her a mini themed Grad Party. For the party invite I went with a tiny pattern, tiny type and used a magnifying glass to help convey the miniature theme.

Ofcourse the best way to arrive a mini themed party would be to enter it through a tiny door. So I bought a piece of foam board from Home Depot and cut it to fill the entry to the main party room and then constructed a smaller door out of that with a welcome sign above.

To the side of the door we placed a tiny table with a tiny sign asking guests to sign the Itty Bitty Guest Book.

A fun party game: Before proceeding to enter the party through the tiny door, guests were asked to take a penny. Every time you hear someone say "CUTE" you get to take their penny. Collect ten pennies and you would win a tiny prize.

In keeping with the mini theme, party decorations would consist of clusters of tiny water balloons and tiny streamers I made by cutting regular sized streamers in half.

All of her friends loved entering the party through the tiny door. If a guest found themselves too large to enter through the tiny door, they could walk around and enter the main party room.

In the main party room I created a large buffet of miniature foods. With the help of her sisters, I spent a week baking hundreds of miniature delights: mini cakes & cupcakes, mini chocolate pretzels sticks, mini cookies of all kinds, mini chocolates all presented on miniature dishes.

EVERYTHING WAS MINI. Even the flower arrangements, drink cups, silverware and napkins were mini.

We served mini hotdogs, mini hamburgers, a tiny condiment bar and tiny baskets of tiny fries. I even baked miniature hot dog and hamburger buns.

We also had a mini popcorn machine were guests could help themselves to a little popcorn. For popcorn we had found a special small popping variety which was really cute.

Guests could also help themselves to pizzas made from crackers and tiny pepperonis which kept warm on the stove top grill.

The "Make Your Own Mini Mocha" station using tiny Starbucks cups was extremely popular at the party.

For added fun, we placed "A Little Laugh" signs for party guests to entertain themselves. These were tiny signs with a joke on them in a tiny font that could be read using the small magnifying glass hanging from them.

Kristen used tiny clothes pins to hang up tiny photos of her and her classmates up. She also had a small box with a sign asking classmates to leave her a little note.

This party was one of the most fun I ever put together! All the tiny food and fun was a HUGE hit with everyone. My cousin Kristen was all smiles. I'm so happy and honored to have helped her celebrate this day.

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