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New Years Wish Jar

Here is a fun New Years Eve activity I dreamed up years ago. It's become a tradition for us. Each New Years Eve my family and I gather around the fire and break out our New Years Wish Jar.

How it works:

Get a large jar or box and label it "Good Things to Come in the New Year" and label the year. Then have your family and friends write down things they would like to have happen in the coming year on little note cards and stick them in the jar. Put jar aside until next New Years Eve. When next New Years Eve comes around, break the jar out (we do it around the fire place) open it up and read all the wishes to see which ones came true and which ones didn't. You might be surprised to see many or your wishes actually came true! Burn the wishes that came true in the fireplace. Add new wishes to the jar and if you want you can throw the old wishes from the year before that didn't come true back in the jar and set aside till next year. Happy New Years!

Some of the wishes that did come true...Apple stock went up, I was invited to go to a foreign country, turks cap lilies mysteriously found their way into my mom's yard, squirrels and woodpeckers did leave the house alone (finally) and a perfect stranger did buy me lunch!

Unfortunately, my wish for Congress to be fired and replaced did not come true. : (

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