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Balloons under the Tree

This is what one thousand snowy white balloons looks like under the tree. Christmas is never about the gifts for me. It's about the art of surprise and creating magical memories.

This year my family woke up on Christmas to find the entire living room floor flooded with "balloon snow".

It took me a couple hours to blow up a thousand balloons. When the family was out I secretly blew these up in the basement using an ballon air pump (a must purchase) and stored the blown balloons in large garbage bags for easy transport.

Late Christmas Eve, once everyone was asleep, I brought the bags of balloons up from the basement and released them to the floor. It was a dreamy listening to balloons gently bouncing off each other in the quiet darkness. They looked magical under the glow of the tree lights.

Christmas morning my parents woke up to find they were "snowed in".

Friends and family arrive. It wasn't long before balloons were flying everywhere!

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